Pac-12 insider John Canzano understands that there is an “amber alert” out in the conference footprint because of the movement by schools, and reported movement by others to the Big 12 and Big Ten.

During a segment with syndicated radio host Dan Patrick, Canzano explained that any time Board of Regents meet that there is buzz around the league. And that’s happening on Thursday night in Arizona and Washington. That is the case even though Canzano told Patrick that a member of the Pac-12 CEO group told him that there is enthusiasm internally.

Canzano said while the media rights deal presented earlier his week was initially underwhelming, however, there is an added layer to it, and he’s unsure if a new partner came into the picture.

“Oregon is expected to get a reduced share invitation to the Big Ten Conference, could come as soon as this morning, mid-day today,” he said. “We know the Big Ten is open to that conversation internally and there’s a lot of eyes on Oregon. Oregon appears to be the glue right now in the conference, because the Arizona schools are saying that if Oregon stays, if Oregon chooses to stay in the Pac-12, there might be something there for the Arizona schools.”