Caleb Williams is charting his own path to the 2024 NFL Draft, and USC’s star quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner confirmed another unique aspect recently.

While at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Williams will not be throwing during Saturday’s workouts but did meet and interview with some teams. However, he confirmed with the media on Friday that he is not undergoing any medical testing at the combine.

In an interview for Pro Football Talk, Williams clarified his decision is related to the fact every team does not actually have a chance at selecting him. Instead of giving medical information to every interested team, he will limit that information to teams that conduct a pre-draft visit.

“It really came down to not all 32 teams can draft me, so why give all 32 teams my personal medical things? There’s nothing there, I played all 30 however many games. I never came off the field unless my helmet came off and a ref took me out,” said Williams.

As for which teams will get to visit with Williams, he did not cite any specifics but admitted he has “an idea” of the general spot he’ll be selected. While at the podium, he admitted it’s “not a thought” that he will not be selected No. 1 overall.

At this point in the process, Williams remains the heavy favorite to be the top pick in the draft, and fans can track all the latest with Saturday Out West’s ESPN Bet links.

Examining Williams’ decision

It has been clear all along that Williams’ decision-making is unique. Lincoln Riley recently claimed Williams said he would have walked on at Oklahoma if the Sooner did not offer the 5-star prospect.

He is also entering the draft without an agent, though he clarified in a piece for ESPN’s Pete Thamel that there is a team of advisors and attorneys involved. Williams also claimed he is not pushing or forcing any agenda to wind up at a certain draft destination and will be happy wherever he winds up.

As for Williams’ medical testing decision, there’s zero drama to be had, even if the decision is unconventional. He correctly pointed out he hasn’t missed any time in his college career, and it’s arguable his draft stock would be unbothered if he did miss time.

Ever since he captured the Heisman Trophy in 2022, Williams has been locked into a top-3 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Some analysts speculated in the fall that he could catapult into the NFL as the No. 1 overall pick if he didn’t play a single snap in 2023.

While those types of projections are hyperbole, they speak to how highly-regarded Williams has been for an extended period.

Limiting his medical information might be unconventional, and that’s okay. Much of Williams’ plan has been unconventional, but he is also not a conventional player.

With a mix of talent compared to Patrick Mahomes, Williams has all the leverage on his side, and he will continue to use it when possible.