Jake Dickert intends to be much more involved in the Washington State defensive game plan this week.

The Cougars have lost 4 straight games after starting the year 4-0. The Cougars’ defense is allowing 36.3 points per game over the 4-game losing streak, and they have given up more than 150 yards rushing 6 weeks in a row.

“Well I think that I always feel that need sometimes, but I think this week I’m gonna be heavily involved in the gameplan,” Dickert said at his Monday morning press conference. “You know, normally I spread my time between both sides of the ball equally, and special teams. I’m gonna be through every phase of it and try to find an edge.

“That isn’t a panic thing, that’s just something where I feel like I can be an asset at this moment. Trying to find ways to be better, and more solutions, and more attacking, and I think we’ve just gotten stuck on a few things, so to find ways to get over that hump, I think it’s necessary at this time.”

Dickert and the Cougars will hope to end their 4-game losing streak this weekend.

Washington State takes on Stanford at home this Saturday at 6 p.m. PT on the Pac-12 Network.