Steve Sarkisian was very complimentary of Washington HC Kalen DeBoer at the Sugar Bowl presser.

Sarkisian credited DeBoer for the many different ways that the Washington offense can create confusion. The key is stopping all of that is to stay focused on defense, according to the Texas head coach.

“I’d call Coach DeBoer a good coach. I’d start with that. Excellent, excellent schemes and they tax you a lot of ways, from the run game to the precision-passing game to the play-action pass down on the field shots to the trick plays,” said Sarkisian. “And I think that’s a sign of a really good coach that he’s got versatility to their scheme. And they keep you on your toes. You have to defend all of that.”

The Longhorns HC noted that being able to attack defenses in many ways is a sign of a great offense. It’s no wonder that DeBoer has had a winning pedigree no matter where he’s been. Sarkisian said that the Huskies have the right player fits and a system, which makes them really hard to deal with.

“And I think, like I said, that’s a good sign of a really good offensive football team. That’s a sign of a really good coach, which Coach DeBoer is and he has been throughout his career,” said Sarkisian. “And it definitely shows up with this team at Washington. They have got the scheme, and they have got the players to execute it. And put those two things together, that’s why they’re a very dangerous team.”

Texas and Washington battle each other for the chance to compete for a national championship on Monday. Kickoff will be at 8:45 p.m. ET on ESPN.