With six seconds remaining in Saturday’s game between Oregon and Washington, Duck wideout Kris Hutson went down grabbing at his right leg after a first-down catch put Oregon just beyond midfield. The Ducks, trailing 37-34, had no timeouts and were trying to get into field goal range.

With Hutson down for an apparent injury, the clock stopped.

Oregon coach Dan Lanning declined to comment on the play after Wednesday’s practice. Hutson, however, provided an answer most assumed in the moment.

“It was just part of the gameplan,” he explained. “It wasn’t anything too special, but I’m alright though.”

Here’s the play in question:


Washington’s co-defensive coordinator, Chuck Morrell, was asked about the play earlier this week. He also declined to comment. He let the head coach speak for the program, and Kalen DeBoer certainly obliged.

“That’s what we see, too,” he said. “It’s just one of those things. What can you do? The officials have to acknowledge (the injury). I don’t want to be insensitive. If there’s an injury, that’s part of the game. Those things happen. I know those things are always looked at from a league level and it’s a part of college football that we get into in our discussions in the offseason. But the officials have to acknowledge and honor that it’s an injury.

“As a coach, I guess that’s the way I have to (approach it), too. Just the timing of it is hard because you know the clock would have started. It is what it is. You know, fortunately we were on the right end of it. We’re talking here today with a victory. So I do hope he’s OK.”