Jedd Fisch admitted on Tuesday at his introductory press conference that it’s a unique situation to take over a 14-1 team at Washington.

Fisch referenced former Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, and how important football is in Seattle. And Fisch said he’s thrilled that Carroll will be a mentor close by, and ready to help.

“I could not be more proud to be here and to build this program together,” Fisch said. “It is the most unique situation to take over a team that just finished No. 2 in the country and are 14-1. The job that was done here is fantastic, and I understand that, I recognize that. We are not going to rebuild, but we are going to reconstruct. There’s a roster that has a lot of changes. There’s going to be a lot of new players, a lot of new faces, new coaches, new support staff.”

Arizona was expected to have a team that could compete for a championship in the new-look Big 12 in 2024. But now that the transfer portal open for Wildcats players for 30 days, the question becomes who will follow Fisch to Washington?

Fisch suggested that the team that achieved great success this past season deserves a ton of credit. He acknowledged current players in attendance, and said to give themselves a hand, “you certainly deserve it.”