USC is in full-on culture-building mode this spring.

Head coach Lincoln Riley talked last week about building accountability within his new team. Part of that process includes setting firm expectations that not only the players themselves have to follow, but the coaches have to live up to as well. Riley wants everyone moving in the same direction and everyone being about the right things.

Feels like a good way to endear yourself to the locker room and help push that process along would be to show the guys you’re a man of your word.

Things seem to be going well in that regard.

According to team reporter Keely Eure, Riley made a wager with the team at the end of Saturday’s practice that if the USC’s place kickers made two kicks in a row, the staff would do up-downs. If the kickers missed their first attempt, the defense would do them. If the kickers missed the second attempt, the offense would do them.

They made both.

“Practice has been fun,’ Riley said on Saturday. “A lot of times I’ve not wanted practice to end and I get the feeling I’m not the only one out there that feels that way. The guys have had a lot of fun and a lot of energy, a lot of physicality, a lot of excitement. I do see the quality of ball improving each day. I thought we had a successful week.”