Safe to say some in Pittsburgh aren’t too thrilled with former Pitt wideout Jordan Addison ending up at USC.

Pittsburgh’s 93.7 The Fan radio host Andrew Fillipponi went on a bonkers tirade recently in which he claimed the wideout’s move to USC was based purely on money—despite multiple reports to the contrary—in addition to statements that he’d like to beat up USC coach Lincoln Riley, see the NCAA hand USC the death penalty, and see the LA Coliseum burned down.

Take a listen.

“Jordan Addison isn’t going to USC because of the bright lights of L.A., he’s going to USC because of the dollar signs,” the radio host said. “Let’s just get right down to it.”

Shortly after Addison’s decision was revealed, ESPN’s Paolo Uggetti reported that sources indicated Addison’s move was more about football than it was potential NIL earnings.

But that hasn’t stopped rampant speculation and quips from outside the USC bubble that this was simply a case of the highest bidder winning. USC has no established NIL collective like some other programs, and there’s a sense Addison’s previous relationship with USC quarterback Caleb Williams played a factor in landing USC on Addison’s radar.

“It’s not like they were in the same neighborhood,”Fillipponi continued. “Like they were eating fruit snacks and playing Nintendo 64 together growing up. No, that’s not the situation. That has been exaggerated and blown way out of proposition.

“… He’s not there because Jordan Addison thinks ‘this is where I’m going to thrive as a wide receiver and make the NFL.”

Addison is expected to be one of the top receivers in next year’s NFL Draft. He won the Biletnikoff Award last year as college football’s top wideout after posting a 100-reception campaign for 1593 yards and 17 touchdowns.

Riley’s offense has been tremendously wideout-friendly throughout his coaching career. From 2015 to 2019, his Oklahoma teams produced a 1,000-yard receiver every year. CeeDee Lamb was a consensus All-American. Dede Westbrook—a player with more than a few similarities to Addison—won the Biletnikoff in 2016 and ended the season as a Heisman finalist.

But Fillipponi seems to want to just be angry.

“I hope USC loses every game this year,” he said. “They went 4-8 last year. … If I saw Lincoln Riley, I would pick him up over my head … and slam his ass. Because I could probably beat up Lincoln Riley. One of the few people in major collegiate sports that I feel comfortable if I saw the guy in a dark alley, I could beat the snot out of him. And he’s such a big, phony, hypocrite. ‘College football needs guard rails, NIL is out of control,’ … it makes me sick.”

He said that FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd is being paid by USC and that he hopes USC loses every game “in perpetuity.”

“I want them to get the death penalty,” he said. “I want them to blow up the LA Coliseum. I want them to disband their college football program.”

Is it too late to add Pitt to USC’s non-conference schedule?