UCLA closed out nonconference play with a 59-7 win over NC Central on Saturday to move to 3-0 on the year.

The Bruins were up 35-0 after the first quarter, dominating in every aspect of play. After the game, head coach Chip Kelly met with reporters to recap the performance. Here’s everything he said:

On what they can take away from such a lopsided win

“First off, you watch the tape, and what can we correct from a technique and fundamental standpoint? The one thing I was impressed with, with our team, was just their approach. They had a great week of training and a great week of practice. I think that’s a sign of maturity. They are focused on getting better on a daily basis and that is something that we preach, but it’s not always followed. We understand that. But I do think it was followed this week. These guys went out this week, Sunday through Wednesday, of trying to get better as football players. There’s a standard that we train at. We have continued to train better each week. We were better in San Diego State than against Coastal [Carolina]. And our numbers told us that, and our numbers were better this week than during the San Diego State week. They are continuing to grow. They’re continuing to build. The fact that we got an opportunity to play so many guys is a good deal. It’s awesome to see those guys’ faces, they’ve worked so hard during the week and it does pay off for them and they get to play on Saturday. It looks like we are relatively healthy coming out of this. We’ve got to be ready to go. League play starts this week, coming up. There are eight teams in the Pac-12 who are in the top 25 in the country. So this conference play for everybody is going to be a battle.”

On the QB play

“I thought Dante did a really good job, again. He’s extremely poised. He does a great job throwing the ball and giving guys catchable balls when there’s territory there. I think he fits the ball in really well. You saw Colin next. I think Colin’s athleticism has shown in both games that he has played in. We’ve been up by so much that we really haven’t got an opportunity to let him throw very often. Garbs did a really nice job when he was in there, and Ethan has played a lot of football for us. We are really comfortable with Ethan, and when he runs our offense, I think that we do a really good job. We click. And then it was really good to get Chase [Griffin] and Justyn [Martin] in, in the second half, and to get them some experience and some snaps. Because again, in this league, you never know. You don’t know what you are going to get to and where you are going to be. We feel like depth is a strength of this team right now, and the fact that we could play five guys is a positive.”

On RB Anthony Adkins

“He’s a big, physical back but he is very nifty on his feet. I think that he has really good vision. I’m not sure we knew how athletic he was, when we got him. Obviously, he played in a different style of offense at Army, being the fullback in the wishbone, and just pounding it between the A gaps. But he’s got a little bit of side-to-side in him and I think he is tough to tackle. He runs with good body lean. I think he is continuing to develop. He’s one of those guys that each week, as he starts to get more comfortable in what we are doing, you will see him getting better and better, and that’s a positive. You can’t have too many running backs. I think that we’ve got two in Carson and TJ right now. But Anthony is starting to push and get into the mix. That’s a good thing as we go into league play here.”

On how QB Dante Moore can improve

“I think we can improve with decision making, timing, just like anybody. It doesn’t matter who it is. And I think that he’s played really, really well. We are just still starting with him. And pre-snap recognition, where the ball is going, and he’s really good at it, but he’ll continue to work on the fundamentals and the decision-making process.”

On OL Siale Taupaki

“He came in, in I think the second drive and then the fourth drive. Siale is a kid who has worked extremely hard at the rehab aspect. He’s been out for over a year now and he’s fought and battled. I was really happy that he got an opportunity to get in. He was certainly on a pitch count of how many snaps he could get, and I think that we got that early in the second quarter. So you didn’t see him after that. But to see the smile on his face after the game, and really happy for him because we know how hard he has worked from a rehab standpoint.”

On the 35-point first quarter

“Obviously, that first quarter was a little interesting. Just because of the… I think we had two one-play drives and one two-play drive. It got moving very quickly, for the opening play of the game to be a touchdown, and then Schlee’s first play was a touchdown. Then we got another long run, going bang-bang-bang and I’m not sure what the total count was. But we may have scored more points than plays we ran today, and that’s not a common occurrence, but I think that it’s a credit to our guys and how they prepared for the game.”

On being able to get QB Chase Griffin into the game

“It was awesome. Chase is a special player here. We have leaders at each position and he was the hands-down, unanimous, pick at the quarterback spot even though he isn’t the starter at that spot. But I think that it’s the players’ respect for him and his approach on a daily basis, and what he does, I think he was the scout team player of the week for three days in a row this week. He was simulating the other team’s quarterback because their quarterback is an NFL prospect. The look that he gave us as a scout team player this week was awesome. So to get him in there today, we were excited that we could do that.”

On UCLA’s defense

“I think they played well today. Because of what happened on the offensive side of the ball, some of those guys didn’t play as much as they’d normally do – just because we jumped to such a big lead early. But when they’re in there, I think that we’ve got a front that can cause some problems. And we’ll see as we continue to grow. We have had three big tests now. But we understand what the task is at hand that we have this Saturday, coming up going to Utah. We are playing the defending conference champs. We’re pleased with where we are right now, but we know that we have to continue to progress.”