Chip Kelly and his UCLA Bruins only got four offensive possessions in the first half of Saturday night’s contest with Coastal Carolina.

UCLA ran just 30 offensive plays. It averaged 72 a game last season. But the new clock rules instituted this offseason have significantly impacted games right away all throughout the country. The clock no longer stops after a first down outside of two minutes, and coaches everywhere are being asked about how the change has impacted strategy.

In a brief halftime interview Saturday night, Kelly said the quiet part out loud.

“These new rules are crazy,” he said. “We had four drives in the first half. Hope you guys are selling a lot of commercials.”

Following Utah’s win over Florida on Thursday — a game that was also broadcast on ESPN — Ute coach Kyle Whittingham said it felt like even though there were fewer snaps for both teams in the game, there were more commercial breaks than normal.

“That game, there wasn’t a lot of snaps,” Whittingham said. “I guess if they were trying to tone that down, they accomplished their objective. Seemed like they made up for it with more commercials. There were commercials every two minutes. I don’t know what that’s all about. I guess we’ve gotta pay the bills.”

In explaining the rule change, the NCAA said they hoped to shorten game times and reduce the opportunity for injuries. Teams have also been barred from calling consecutive timeouts.