Troy Taylor of Stanford is one of the remaining Pac-12 coaches looking for a future home as the Pac-12 exodus of the last week has left Stanford, Cal, Oregon State and Washington State with plans to be in the league beyond this season.

One option mentioned for the Cardinal among many, such as de-emphasizing football, or going to the FCS level, is to move to the ACC.

Taylor believes a long-distance relationship with future league rivals is doable.

“I’m OK with traveling,” Taylor said, per CBS Sports. “Our guys love playing football, and if you’ve got to travel a little more, that means when people come play us, they got to travel,” Taylor said. “We want to be in a great conference, and we’re sure that will happen. The travel, if that happens, it’s fine. People used to have to come across the country in a covered wagon — it would take them months and they’d be completely different people by the time they got there. We get on a plane for 5 hours, 6 hours, that’s not the end of the world. You get drinks served to you and some snacks, and it’s not that bad.”

Stanford has brought in a strong recruiting class, and Taylor believes staying in the Power 5 is necessary to keep those recruits.

“I think the players that committed to us and came here, they want to play Power 5 football, and that is what our intention is with this university,” Taylor said. “I can’t imagine anything else.”