Former Stanford WR Evan Moore — a two-sport athlete for the Cardinal — had a lot to say about the recent string of conference realignment moves. As a former participant in the Pac-12, Moore addressed the reality of a crumbling league in what is likely the final year for the conference.

“The reality is we sit here now on Aug. 7 going into what appears to be the final year of the Pac-12 Conference,” said Moore. Next summer those schools will depart and it will effectively fall apart.”

Moore went on to shred the Pac-12 leaders — a number of which are “outsiders” of the league — for not having a full appreciation of what the Pac-12 has been:

“This conference from a leadership standpoint has had a lot of people — both on the network side and conference side — that didn’t grow up around this conference, didn’t play in this conference, and quite frankly don’t understand the rich history of this conference,” said Moore.

“…I’m not convinced that everybody that has led this conference — including Larry Scott and George Kliavkoff — really understand what they’ve done in getting rid or leading to the destruction of a conference that has been around for 108 incredible years… As an outsider, if you were around in like the mid-2000s and then like fast forward and fell asleep for 20 years and all of a sudden you woke up and it’s gone… You’d be like ‘Who the hell screwed this up?'”