It seems like the Pac-12 might just be destined to be cursed with shotty officiating.

A week after California was called offsides for a phantom 12th defender jumping offside before a field goal attempt by Notre Dame, the Pac-12 officiating crew completely lost track of what down it was during a Washington State possession, shorted the Cougars one of their three downs, and then corrected the mistake after the Cougs punted the ball away and gave the football back to Washington State to run a third down.

After getting the football back, Washington State ran… the same play on third-and-17 — a tailback draw for Nakia Watson — that gained 6 yards and set up another punt. Oregon got the ball back once again and we played on.

FOX brought officials expert Mike Pereira in to explain what had happened, and he revealed that officials have until the start of the next series to correct a mistake in that kind of scenario. So, because Washington State had punted the ball away but Oregon hadn’t yet begun its next possession, the crew was able to rewind things and give the Cougars their play back.

Still, fans and media alike were left bewildered by the sequence.