The touchdown throw to freshman offensive lineman Josh Conerly Jr. wasn’t even a called play. In Oregon’s 49-10 win over Colorado Saturday, the first touchdown of the day was a check made by quarterback Bo Nix at the line of scrimmage.

“That play was a check. So, Bo checked us into that play if we got a certain look,” coach Dan Lanning said after the game. “Credit again to the performance of our quarterback. It’s built in and we had another play called. If we got a certain look, we’re able to check to that play.”

Oregon got said look, Nix fake the handoff and got the Colorado defense to bite hard to the strongside, then he threw back to Conerly standing alone in the endzone on the weak side.

In doing so, the Ducks set the table for a day that was historic.

According to the program, Oregon became the first FBS team since at least 1996 to have a receiving touchdown by an offensive lineman (Conerly), a receiving touchdown by a quarterback (Nix), and a rushing touchdown by a defensive player (linebacker Noah Sewell) in the same game. In fact, no other FBS team has achieved all three in a single season, let alone a single game.

Lanning was asked after the game why they decided to break out some new gadget plays against lowly Colorado. They weren’t new, he responded. They were signs of an Oregon team executing in tip-top form.

“I just think when you’re a team that’s complete and you’re hard to predict, it’s harder to really prepare for you,” Lanning said. “Some people will talk about, ‘Well, you could have saved this, saved that.’ For us, they’re not really trick plays when you execute them consistently in practice. That being said, we want to come out here and score and the standard doesn’t change regardless who you play.

“… Our offensive play-calling has been in sync and we do a good job setting up plays. You guys saw some plays that got ran today. There were also several plays that got called and then we got checked out of. Why? Because our quarterback’s able to control the game like that. I understand how you guys might see those plays as different plays, but those are some of the same plays we’ve called all year and then our quarterback decided it was there or it wasn’t there, based on the look we got.”

You can see the three scores below.

Conerly’s touchdown reception

Nix’s touchdown reception

Sewell’s touchdown run