Oregon did not release a depth chart ahead of its season-opener against Georgia.

Though not required of coaches, you typically see teams put out public two-deeps early in the week. But Oregon head coach Dan Lanning, coaching in his first game last week against the Bulldogs, said repeatedly he didn’t think doing so provided an advantage for the program.

As it turned out, Oregon could have had all the advantages in the world and it might not have been enough to overcome the Georgia Bulldogs. Oregon was humbled 49-3, and has spent the last week looking for ways to fix all the issues Georgia presented.

On Saturday, ahead of the team’s home opener against Eastern Washington, Oregon gave media in attendance the closest thing we’ve seen to a depth chart yet. Duck Territory’s Jared Mack shared the card on Twitter.

These are always living, evolving documents and should be taken with a grain of salt — probably especially so with Lanning at the controls — but they can be helpful nonetheless.

Oregon kicks off against Eastern Washington shortly after 5:30 p.m. PT on the Pac-12 Network.