Who’s the best team in college football not enough people are talking about?

ESPN’s SEC Network host Paul Finebaum says it’s Oregon.

“I know they were focused on GameDay on Saturday, but it’s probably Oregon. What’s so interesting about Oregon is that, after they were shellacked by Georgia on the opening weekend, we just wrote them off as a disaster. But that win by Georgia now really looks good,” Finebaum said this week during an appearance on KJM. “What they did over the weekend was impressive. They have a lot of key games remaining. Ultimately, I think they would be the team.”

Oregon is a divisive team among national pundits because of a Week 1 loss to Georgia. Finebaum said it during the appearance on KJM; the Ducks were taken to task in a stunning 49-3 loss. They moved the ball, but they never found the endzone. For a team looking to get to the College Football Playoff, that loss lingers as a stain on the résumé.

But the recent play is undeniable.

Oregon has won six straight games, all of which have featured at least 40 points from the offense. Quarterback Bo Nix has been excellent.

The thing that’s working in Oregon’s favor? The man in charge of the program will make sure no one inside Oregon’s building cares about what folks like Finebaum think.

“Our focus has always been within and (on Monday) we went to the doctor and we saw a lot of things we can get better at. Some people texted me in the morning after the game and said, ‘How do you feel after that win?’ I said, ‘Well, I just watched the film, so I’ve got some concerns.’

“There’s a lot of stuff that we’ve got to fix, a lot of stuff to get better. Again, the piece that I’m excited about is that consistently every single week, we’ve improved really across the board, and we’ve got to continue to improve as we move forward.”

It is important that Oregon is starting to get more national attention for its recent play, though. The first batch of College Football Playoff rankings drop next Tuesday. With a 45-30 win over then-No. 9 UCLA last Saturday, Oregon appears to be sitting in a good spot in the eyes of perception-setters in the sport.