The loss looked ugly. The scoreboard looked incredibly one-sided. Oregon’s loss on Saturday to No. 2 Georgia dropped the Ducks — previously ranked 11th in the country — entirely out of the AP Top 25 and actually landed it in CBS Sports’ Bottom 25.

Tom Fornelli puts the weekly ranking together for CBS Sports. He calls it “the only poll in the land that ranks the 25 worst teams in college football.” After Week 1, Oregon is one of only two Power Five programs on his list… along with Colorado.

The Ducks are taking their lumps in the aftermath of a 49-3 loss to Georgia, but it’s what Fornelli writes about the program that’s of interest:

“There will be a lot of talk about how the Pac-12 stinks after Oregon got demolished 49-3 by Georgia, but I ask you to consider a few things. First, consider that Georgia won its eight SEC regular season games by an average of 32 points last season, with no game closer than 17. The other is that there are 131 FBS teams in the country, and Georgia’s capable of beating at least 120 of them by 46 points. The gap at the top of this sport is that wide.”

That seems like a pretty strong defense of the team just labeled as one of the 25 worst in the country.

Don’t expect Oregon to be on this list long. Perhaps it’s an overreaction to Week 1. The Ducks have the seventh-most talented roster in the sport. This isn’t an objectively bad team. As Fornelli writes, the Bulldogs are an objectively absurd team.

And Oregon won’t play another team like them this season.

Onto the next one, coach Dan Lanning has told his squad this week.

“I’ve been coaching for a while and I’ve been a part of losses that are disheartening,” Lanning said on Monday. “It’s all about the response.  How do you respond to it? That’s gonna lead to your outcome. And I was a part of a situation last year where the SEC championship game, I walked off the field and I think a lot of us were really disheartened. How you respond and the effect of that response is what really leads to success down the road.

“Georgia is a complete team. I’ll be impressed if there are a lot of teams that are better than that team out there in college football right now. They’re certainly clicking on all cylinders. I know talking to coach (Kirby) Smart after the game, he reminded me of his first season when he was down 31 to zero halftime to Ole Miss at an away game and that’s a part of it. But that’s certainly not our goal. Our goal is to get better this week, today, next moment. You can’t live in the past but you’re also not pointing at other teams, you’re really looking at yourself and how you can improve.”

The Ducks have a chance to start to change the perception this week when they face Eastern Washington in the home opener. Kickoff is set for 5:30 p.m. PT on the Pac-12 Network.