Bo Nix had a unique college experience not only because of his transfer from Auburn to Oregon and how he enjoyed the strongest season of his career in 2023. The quarterback played in 5 different offensive schemes in 5 years.

That will be a key question for NFL scouts, and Nix addressed it on Tuesday at the Senior Bowl.

“I’ve been around the block, I’ve been able to learn from a lot of different people who have had a lot of different success,” Nix said. “They’ve been able to coach a lot of great quarterbacks in the past, lead a lot of great offenses, all of them, in respectful ways. Along the way, I learned and picked up a lot from each individual and grew in my time, had a lot of experience to grow. However that translates next, I think it’ll just show the adaptability and comfortability of being uncomfortable and having to learn new things. But I took it as a fun challenge, I’m a football junkie so I just enjoy learning different plays. … It was always fun to me, fast learner and just adapting.”

Nix even mentioned he might coach in high school one day, and put all the offenses together into his own.

Nix is No. 6 in Mel Kiper Jr’s QB rankings ahead of the Senior Bowl, although NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah has Nix going No. 14 overall to the New Orleans Saints.