Travis Hunter will be a household name by the time the 2023 college football season is over.

He might already be one.

The two-way Colorado star wasn’t shy before the season about his desire to win a Heisman Trophy with the Buffs. Hunter will play corner and receiver for Colorado. It’ll take some special moments over the course of the year to pull that off, but Hunter got things off on the right foot against TCU on Saturday.

In the third quarter, with Colorado’s 24-21 lead looking perilous and the Buffs looking like they were teetering a bit, Hunter came up with a red zone interception.

TCU quarterback Chandler Morris had his back open. Hunter peeled off and dove at the ball, ripping it right out of the TCU player’s hands for the takeaway.

In doing so, Hunter became the first college football player in the last 20 years to record an interception and at least eight receptions in the same game, according to ESPN’s Stats and Info.

Hunter could have been on the receiving end of a pair of touchdowns in the first half, but couldn’t connect. Still, Hunter’s play — he was on the field for more than 60 snaps in just the first half — drew national attention. CU coach Deion Sanders poured some lighter fluid on the buzz with his halftime interview on FOX.

“He is him,” Sanders said at the half. “We missed him on two deep balls. He gets those two deep balls, the Heisman is at his crib chilling right now. God bless.”

If he keeps making plays like the one above, it might not be such a crazy thought.