Joel Klatt likes what he’s seen from Colorado during the first few months of the Deion Sanders era.

The former CU quarterback and current FOX analyst said on his show recently that Sanders is building something with “staying power” in Boulder. The Buffs are coming off a massive recruiting win last week when Sanders pulled off a second flip of a No. 1 cornerback in as many recruiting cycles. Cormani McClain will be a Buff, and has a strong chance of lining up opposite Travis Hunter right away.

Klatt reacted to that news and what it means for the Buffs onΒ The Joel Klatt Show.

“Deion Sanders is pretty clearly building something that has some staying power in Boulder,” Klatt said. “Before he even coaches a game β€” or even coaches a practice, by the way, hasn’t even had a spring practice β€” this guy is making major splashes on the recruiting trail. He is able to flip the No. 1 corner in the country, Cormani McClain.

“Five-star recruit, one of the highest-rated recruits Colorado has ever gotten. … So, what does this mean? It means Colorado is getting an excellent player, we know that. We understand what a great corner can do, and particularly early in his career. Think about what Derek Stingly Jr. was able to do early in his career as a freshman, maybe even one of the best players in all of college football that year. Think of last year, late in the year, what Will Johnson was able to do for Michigan. These guys can come in and play and impact the game right away, these highly-rated corner recruits. I think people in Boulder and all over the Pac-12 are expecting Cormani McClain to be that type of player. And now he’s going to be opposite of Travis Hunter.”

Klatt said the cornerback duo at Colorado could become one of the best in the country. That’ll certainly help CU in the short-term.

But what McClain’s recruitment signaled is also a sign of bigger things to come for CU. The Buffs weren’t in that recruiting picture at all. Then Sanders takes over, McClain delays his signing, CU jumps in and closes the deal.

“Think of it for a moment, in the span of a few months Colorado went from basically a non-existent Power Five team β€” 1-11, probably in the basement of all the Power Five,” Klatt continued. “Now (it’s) a team that everybody’s talking about, everybody wants to consume anything and everything about them, … and now every single recruit in the country, regardless of how high-level they are, Colorado’s in the top-five list.”