Former Colorado quarterback Maddox Kopp, now at Miami (OH), has been denied a waiver that would have made him immediately eligible to compete next season.

Kopp began his career at Houston but did not play in a game as a true freshman, took a redshirt, and transferred to Colorado. He played in two games for CU last fall, saw the head coach he committed to play for fired midway through the year, and was then pushed out the door by his new head coach.

He landed at Miami (OH) and applied for a waiver with extenuating circumstances. The NCAA denied his request. Kopp took to social media Thursday to explain the situation:

Incredibly disappointed in the NCAA for denying my waiver today. Another case of the NCAA trying to save face and not caring about student-athletes. For 3 reasons:

1: I have Learning Disabilities and accommodations/evaluations were not made available to me at Colorado. My academic counselor left mid-year as did my head coach. I struggled alone.

2: My decision to transfer was made a day before the NCAA eliminated the “no participation opportunity” for immediate eligibility. I could not come back from this.

3: Coach Prime made it very clear that holdovers from the previous team were not welcome and it was best to leave. Especially as I am a quarterback, the same position as his son who I train with in the offseason. No disrespect to CU or to coach. Just go watch the intro team meeting that got 30 million views. I’m in the front row.

Kopp’s waiver request is the latest in a string of denials from the NCAA, which have ignored seemingly justifiable reasons for immediate eligibility. In Kopp’s case, he fell victim to an NCAA rule that allowed Sanders to essentially cut players on the team he inherited.

Colorado went 1-11 last season. Sanders has caught flak this offseason for clearing house, but he has made clear he intends to win right away as the new Buffs head coach. To do so, Sanders cleared out all but 10 scholarship players from last year’s team and brought in more than 50 transfers.