Deion Sanders was not happy with Colorado’s spring break falling right in the middle of spring practice. “It’s not a positive,” Sanders said last week. But he’s still finding a way to turn it into a test for his new team.

Coach Prime told his players this week they will be required to work out three times a week until they return to spring ball. Every player was given a workout schedule and told their position coaches would be checking in on them throughout the week.

“If you don’t do anything over the next seven days and we come back, we’re gonna run you like crazy on that Monday morning,” Sanders said. “We have a meeting. If you’re late to that meeting, there’s gonna be consequences. Your locker will be clean. It will be cleaned.

“I’m not threatening you with anything, it’s just the reality of what it is. You’re gonna work. Send your videos to coach, I’ve got mine, and we’re gonna put it up to let you know who’s working and who ain’t.”

Sanders is working to not just rebuild a football team but rebuild a culture. Accountability has been stressed every day.

There are no breaks.

Colorado’s spring break runs March 27-31. The football team will return on Monday. Those who didn’t follow their workout plans will probably be in for a rude awakening.

You can see more of Sanders’ talk with the team earlier this week below: