Deion Sanders said Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders received an injection at halftime of CU’s 28-16 loss to UCLA on Saturday to block some of the pain the CU quarterback was feeling. Shedeur will get the next few days off to rest and recover.

He was under siege by the Bruins.

Colorado entered Saturday’s game with 35 allowed sacks on the year. UCLA got to Shedeur seven times.

“Offensively, we’ve got to improve. You see that. Quarterback is taking a beating,” Coach Prime said after the game. “We’ve got to do a better job protecting him (and) running the football.”

Shedeur wasn’t willing to put it on the offensive line after the game. He said he was “a little banged up” but added the Buffs had just faced off against a great defense. Asked if it was frustrating to not be able to get into a rhythm, Shedeur said the offense just wasn’t on the same page.

Deion was a little more pointed in his analysis.

The CU head coach said Colorado’s depth on the offensive line is a major issue.

“Not only depth, killer instinct, want, desire, will, athleticism. The hardest thing to acquire is linemen. So, when people have a good one, you rarely see linemen jump and go to different schools,” Deion said. “I think we have some guys that it’s going to be a good little seasoning, but overall we just don’t have the fight or the passion to do what we want to do.

“I’m a little biased because I’m his father, but I believe we have the best quarterback in the country. I don’t think any other quarterback can stand and deliver like ours does week in and week out and take the beating that he’s taking. We’ve got to address that scheme-wise, we’ve got to address that functionally with what we have on the line. We’ve just got to do a better job.”