Ryan Clark has plenty of praise for Arizona State head coach Kenny Dillingham following his son’s transfer away from the Sun Devils’ program this week.

His son, Jordan Clark, announced his commitment to Notre Dame on Monday. Clark spent 4 seasons at Arizona State and became an integral part of Arizona State’s secondary.

Ryan Clark, a longtime NFL defensive back who now works for ESPN, praised Dillingham for a phone call he made to Notre Dame coach Marcus Freeman this week. Clark said Dillingham spoke with Freeman while the Clark family was in South Bend on a visit this week.

“He raved about Jordan, man, for 5-to-10 minutes,” Clark said. “About what he was as a leader, how much he worked, how much everyone there at Arizona State loved him.”

Clark said any recruits who are considering Arizona State can trust that Dillingham will take care of them.

“And so to any young kid who Kenny Dillingham walks into your home and tells you that he’s going to take care of you, he’s going to care about you far beyond what you can do for Arizona State,” he added. “That’s a true testament to what that man is saying to you when he’s sitting in your home.

“Jordan Clark can no longer do things for Kenny Dillingham, but he took his time out to say kind words about him to another head coach who he’ll be competing with for other opportunities. And I just wanted to say think you to coach Dillingham and thank you to Arizona State.”

Here’s video of Clark’s comments: