Michael Penix Jr. became one of the many players this season who was in a gift-giving mood on Saturday. Penix is one of the 15 student-athletes who partnered with Beats.

Kalen DeBoer was giving a speech at practice when Penix pulled up on one of the carts blaring an airhorn. Penix gave a speech before handing out the presents.

“Ya’ll know me. Ya’ll hear me blasting my music all the time,” said Penix. “I’m making sure y’all boys are locked in and focused too. Y’all saw that I had a little going on Instagram. Just know this is gonna pay off man with y’all locked in with some headphones.”

Penix and his teammates will be looking to compete for a Pac-12 title this season after missing the chance to in 2022 by a couple of games.

At least when Washington pulls up to games, the Huskies will be doing it in style.