Kalen DeBoer met with reporters Wednesday for his first press conference of fall camp.

And even though conference realignment and other non-football topics have dominated the discussion around the Pac-12 of late, there was plenty of football to discuss. DeBoer talked about a position change on the defensive side of the football, depth the Huskies have at the skill positions on the offensive side of the ball, growth for Michael Penix Jr. and the offense as a whole in Year 2, and lots more.

Here’s his press conference, with select quotes below:

On Voi Tunuufi moving to edge

“I think for right now, just moving him to edge. We’re felling better and better with our depth at d-tackle. That’s a part of it. He has taken way more reps at the interior spots than he has at the edge so getting those reps in a normal down-and-distance, I think, is really good.

“We know we have Bralen (Trice) and ZTF and I think after that it’s a matter of, like, who are the next guys? We know he’s a playmaker. He’s kind of a tweener when you think about size and ability and strength and speed, so we want to take advantage of that and use him in multiple ways.

“We’ll probably get him a lot more reps. He’s been in the edge room all summer just learning the defense from that perspective. I’d say he’s an edge right now, but he’s a flex guy I think can be there for us throughout the year.”

On depth in the receiver room

“A lot’s always made about Rome (Odunze) and Jalen (McMillan), but I think (Ja’Lynn Polk) is someone who a lot of the time gets lost in the shuffle there. He had as good of a summer as anyone. He’s just running as well as I’ve ever seen. He’s just so solid. He ended the year last year, he came up with the big plays down the field but he’s also the guy moving the chains.

“And then with Germie (Bernard) and Denzel (Boston), Year 2 for them. Both been through at least the spring, and then Denzel’s been through a whole year with our offense. You’re seeing the combination of knowledge and understanding of college football and our offense mixed in with just body types that are pretty special and can do some pretty big things. So, it’s fun seeing those guys out there making those plays.

“I trust those guys. I trust those receivers from top to bottom. They’re a group that has a lot of pride, and they hold each other accountable, first themselves and then the rest of the unit. They’ve got a lot of momentum, a lot of juice they bring to the team. Not just the offense. I’m excited about that room.”

On the running back competition

“We’re very comfortable with what (Cameron Davis) brings because of the snaps he took last year. I think he’s a better version of himself right now. It was great seeing Dillon Johnson. You just keep going down the line. (Richard Newton), it was great to see him. About as healthy as I’ve seen him since we got here as a staff. I like where his mind’s at and his head. He’s probably enjoying football more than I’ve seen in the last year and a half. Will Nixon, his body looks way different. His body, by the time we hit spring ball and the weight he had put on, is different than what it was a year ago.

“I can go on down the line. We’ll find ways to get them all or as many as we can involved. I know it’s hard to get more than two on the field. I’m not saying that’s what we have to be, if three or four are ready, especially early in the season, you want to use their skillsets. That’s a little bit what happened last year. I just think we’re advanced. We’re another level past where we were because there’s a lot more banked reps these guys all have in this offense.

“We’ll get Dillon Johnson and Daniyel Ngata and Tybo (Rogers) and all those new faces a lot of reps, a lot of opportunities. But we’ll make sure the guys like a CD — who looked really good I thought out there today — to continue to develop and grow in our offense and help take us to the next level.”