Kalen DeBoer talked about how Washington is planning on preparing its players for the grass field that awaits the team at Michigan State. The Washington head coach talked about it at Monday’s presser.

DeBoer understood the importance of having his players adjust to grass fields like that of Michigan State’s. He is planning on having the team use a grass field at some point before Saturday to become acclimated.

Washington’s stadium has turf like most teams in college football today.

“We’ll adjust a few things,” DeBoer said. “It’s always what you make of it, you know? You make things a big deal, it’ll become a big deal. We’ll certainly make sure to adjust a few things throughout the week, making sure that the guys at least get a chance to get on some grass at some point. What you really don’t want is on Saturday for that to be the first time they feel grass underneath their feet.”

DeBoer and company are off to a 2-0 start after wins over Boise State and Tulsa.

Washington played Michigan State last season in Seattle and won 39-28. DeBoer will be hoping that a change in scenery from last year’s game doesn’t lead to a loss this time around.

Washington and Michigan State kick off Saturday at 2 p.m. PT on Peacock.