Kalen DeBoer had to try and summarize how much Michael Penix Jr. has developed since coming to Washington on Friday.

DeBoer joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about the state of the program. Penix is looking like a Heisman candidate and was a steal out of the transfer portal.

DeBoer could tell from first glance at Indiana in 2019 that Penix was special. The arm talent and ability to place the ball wherever stood out to DeBoer.

Fans are starting to see those qualities in Penix this season.

“He was really talented. I was with him in 2019 at Indiana and you could tell he was special. The arm strength, accuracy, and just kinda the instincts and could just put he wanted it to,” said DeBoer. “He stood in the pocket and would take the hits if he knew he had a throw that could be made. You see that happening now as the season goes along.”

DeBoer was asked if there was one big moment that stood out with Penix this season. His answer was the touchdown pass late in the game against Oregon to Rome Odunze.

“The big moment would’ve been the touchdown pass in the final minutes against Oregon here,” said DeBoer. “The guy’s become a dynamic leader, just an amazing person overall.”

Penix has been nothing short of amazing this year. Washington heads to USC next on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. PT on ABC.