Washington head coach Kalen DeBoer was pleased with the way his offense looked in a 52-6 win over Portland State, but added there are still areas for improvement.

That’s DeBoer’s approach, in a nutshell. Execute, but don’t be satisfied.

And, boy, did Washington execute well. Washington put up 617 total yards, topping 500 yards in back-to-back weeks for the first time since 2016. Quarterback Michael Penix Jr. was remarkably efficient with the football, save for one interception. The Huskies are 2-0 to start the new year, with reason for optimism going forward.

Here’s what DeBoer said after game No. 2, with the full press conference video at the bottom.

Opening statement

“Good to get a win. We’ve got a good locker room in there. Guys are excited. It’s fun to see the preparation meet the opportunity and take advantage of it. Always things we can clean up and it’s gonna be like that every game. I’m just proud of the way we start fast, especially in the first half. Came back out in the second half and challenged the guys and did that again. We’ve got to put a complete game together, I know we’ve got a lot better than we can be. Looking forward to seeing the energy we have going into next week.”

On the run game compared to Week 1

“Same number of run plays, same thought process as far as making sure you’ve got different concepts. I just think we continue to get better and continue to refine. We’re used to seeing our defense every day in practice and all of a sudden you’re gonna get something different. That guy that you’ve been blocking on this play for 24 or 25 practices in fall camp isn’t in the same spot when you play someone else. I think we continue to evolve. We mixed things up and did some different things, but we’ll do that every single week.”

On the offensive efficiency to open the season

“It’s good to see. I guess coming on the sideline that there’s not this like ‘exhale,’ you know. You guys have heard me talk about a 1-0 mindset, right, and it’s usually a response to adversity. But we talk about, also, the response to when things are going well, and human nature is to let up and relax. We want to play relaxed but we don’t want to let off the gas. We want to stay focused and have that intensity and that urgency for four quarters.

“What I like right now is we’re coming off the sideline and there’s an expectation to go do it again and then it’s backed up by focus, effort, and a desire to be great. That’s what’s really cool to see.

“That being said, I thought the first quarter, just the first couple drives, I mean we had a few guys in a couple different spots… you guys saw that Rome (Odunze) didn’t play, so we had some guys in a couple different spots and that little bit of difference with personnel… the fact that sometimes how we lined up, one time there was a little bit of question on a motion and because of that it took longer and the offensive line was in their stance longer and then we got a false start. Just that rhythm that I’m talking about, being perfect with our motions and our alignments and our shifts, leading to great execution. The execution still ended up being there because we’ve run some of these plays so many times but just some of the little details we could still be better at.”

On the absences of Rome Odunze, Jordan Perryman, and Jaxson Kirkland

“Rome could have played. Just really cautious with him, really minor thing. Could have played in an emergency. He’ll be ready to go for sure next week.

“Jaxson, we’re still working through the process. He’ll continue to be day-to-day.

“We expect Jordan to be back next week, too.”

On where the team is at after two weeks

“We’re definitely not there yet as a football team. There are some things that we’ve got to get better at. We put things on film and last week the things that we put on film that we needed to improve, we improved on some. I thought our special teams was better, more consistent so that was good to see. We’re getting guys comfortable. Some of these guys are in new spots and all of a sudden you switch it up because it wasn’t as productive as you wanted it to be. You just live and learn and learn and that’s what we do, and that’s why we practice.

“What I do like and what I know we’re gonna get is a consistency of effort every time we step on the practice field. Consistency of “want to” and focus and sacrifice that comes with being out on the football field on game day. I’m glad we got a lot of guys the chance to play. It’s hard to make everyone happy but man we’ve got a happy locker room that is excited about other guys making plays. It’s not about me, it’s about the other guy and that’s really cool to see.”

On Richard Newton’s return to the field

“The smile on his face was worth a million bucks. He’s a really cool kid. There were some things even this summer, I saw some things with his personality where I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s cool.’ He’s just so well-liked by the team and his teammates. He’s been grinding through this thing of getting healthy and getting a chance to be out there. I know it seemed like it just kept dragging on and getting longer and longer, but seeing him go out there, he was not going to avoid people early there in his opportunities. He was going to have contact and be physical. It was fun to see that and see the smile on his face. It means a lot to him and it was fun to see. He’s worked hard to come back.”

On whether there’s concern about corner depth right now

“We knew going into the season it was one of those positions or one of those areas, because of the special teams impact, that carried a heavy load. We’re trying to build that depth. I thought Julius (Irvin) stepped in and I saw progress from him again today. he played a little more physical. I think we had some growth moments as a secondary, playing physical and we got called for some things, and then you’re not playing as physical and all of a sudden people are getting behind you. There’s growth moments and things to learn from.

“What I love is just our mindset — responding and taking to coaching and trying to make it better the next time.”