An 18-play, 92-yard drive helped deliver Washington a 24-21 win over Oregon State Friday night inside a wind-whipped Husky Stadium. The Huskies took over at their own 3-yard-line with 4:33 remaining in the game, and just gutted out a win.

When Peyton Henry banged through a 22-yard field goal with eight seconds left, he gave UW its first lead of the game. Coach Kalen DeBoer said after when he met with reporters he couldn’t have been prouder of the resiliency his team displayed.

Here’s everything he said, with video of the press conference below:

Opening statement

“What a game. Finding a way to win, that’s what we talked about. We have a goal of winning championships. We talked about at halftime, if you want to be a championship-caliber team, you’ve got to find ways to battle and fight and win games like this — the physical ones, the ones that go back and forth, the ones that have the adversity that hits you, if the lights go out, throw that in there now too. Certainly proud of just the resiliency, the fight, the drives at the end — whether it’s the defense getting a stop or the offense going the length of the field.

“A couple times during the game I felt like the momentum was on our side and we just couldn’t quite get over the hump.

“The guys just believe. I think that’s who we are. I definitely believe that. It’s fun seeing them just keep scraping and finding a way. Only time I think we led were the very last few seconds of the game. Gonna enjoy this one for sure. Every game we play from here on out that we win just makes the next one more important. Fun to be a part of that here at this time of the season.”

On defensive adjustments in the second half

“I thought the defense did an amazing job. You know what the gameplan is and the adjustments that are a part of the gameplan. There were some tweaks and things to just keep testing throughout the first half, but really got in there and I thought it was really efficient. I was impressed with the efficiency of the communication by the coaches, then taking that into the locker room. It played itself out exactly how the coaches were portraying it to the defensive side of the ball. Hat’s off to the guys for believing in those adjustments and making the plays, especially coming out of the locker room in the third quarter.”

On how much of the last drive was trying to score a touchdown versus playing for a field goal

“It’s really hard for me to not try to score a touchdown. That’s the first time I’ve ever done that, where we intentionally center it to win a game. Never done that. Did feel with the wind and how close we were it was pretty much an extra point. Being on a hash and the wind coming across, if we didn’t score, I just wanted to make sure we gave Peyton (Henry) the best chance possible.

“I just always feel they’ve got to respond to a touchdown. It was so late in the last minute that it was going to be hard for them, so we were trying to score. Obviously we had two good plays and we just missed them. You work on centering the ball and all those things every week in practice. That very call, we worked on (Thursday).

“Pretty proud of the guys in these special moments. We’ve had different things where we’ve had hail marys and even playing the ball at the end with certain personnel on the field. Just proud of the way those guys take that in those practices and put them into the game itself.”

On what the offense being known as an explosive, quick-strike attack and still being able to go 92 yards in 18 plays to milk the clock and win the game

“I felt like that’s what’s been the difference with the offense from the beginning. I feel like we execute at a higher level. We have the ability to have the explosives, but compared to most offenses that I’ve been a part of, I feel like we have the players that just will continually grind and execute that play and make the play that is needed to extend the drive.

“Devin Culp catching it and knowing where the sticks are at, being physical enough to surge ahead for the first down. The ball’s almost always in (Michael Penix Jr.’s) hands, being smart, I know he had a pick, but for the most part he does a great job protecting. Even at the end, we’re throwing the ball on first and second down trying to score. That’s a lot of trust.

“I’m proud of the way the guys were just resilient. There came a point where we got close to midfield and now you know, ‘OK, now we’re the aggressors.’ When you’re backed way up, you’re worried about the punt into the wind and how much time’s going to be left for their offense. There came a point where we got out of our own territory and you knew this is now in our court.”

On the power outage

“In 2018 at Fresno we had the lights go out, so we had a 30-minute delay. Exact same thing happens. The biggest thing I was trying to address with the guys was how hard they had fought to make it the 21-21 score and we had just gained the momentum and just to get their minds back on how it felt.

“Leave it on the field for the last 11 or 12 minutes and they did that.”

On the defense

“I think down the stretch, they’re probably a first down away… as they get into our territory further and further where you start getting close to thinking about timeouts, maybe one more first down after that inside the 25, 20-yard-line if they’d gotten down there. Then all of a sudden the penalties start racking up and that kind of was where we got a chance to pin our ears back and do what we do best.

“In the first half, the two possessions where we got off the field, we had the blocked punt and I think the possession before that we got off the field as well on a fourth down. I thought those were ones that just kept us in the game and kept us in that one-score disadvantage. But one score was all we needed to get back in it. They kept us there and the offense got the score.

“We just couldn’t quite get over the hump in the first half, but I just felt like we were the better team out there. Just had to get a break to go our way.”

On Oregon State’s Jack Colletto

“Man, he is just, I don’t want to say reckless, but he just puts his body out there and just goes after you. I was so impressed watching film throughout the week of him bouncing off guys. There’s a combination of balance and physicality. A good all-around football player.”

On the wind affecting the gameplan

“I think it affects the kicking game the most. There was a time or two where I thought Mike scrambled to his left and threw a ball probably 20 or 25 yards down the field and, you know, he’s not perfect but I felt like the wind pushed the ball back a little bit into the middle of the field.

“I think there were some of those plays that happened, but he throws a tight spiral, he spins it well. Maybe there was a ball that dropped on us. That was the big thing — the ball moves so you’ve got to keep your eyes on it all the way until you have it in your hands. I think we had a drop or two that probably had a little bit to do with the weather.”