Washington continues to be the College Football Playoff’s odd team out despite having a 10-0 record in a Power 5 conference with 3 ranked victories.

CFP selection committee chair Boo Corrigan was asked after Tuesday’s rankings reveal about Florida State, a 10-0 team with 2 ranked wins, remaining above Washington.

“Florida State, really good offensively. Has been really good defensively,” Corrigan said during an appearance on ESPN. “Don’t undersell the Miami-Florida State rivalry as well, that’s been going on for years. Miami hit a big play for that touchdown in the second half but we felt Florida State was a dominant team in there.

“Washington continues to win. Really good defensive second half against Utah. But as we looked at it and evaluated it — as y’all can appreciate, the debate is getting stronger every week as we get more data points going through this — but we ended up with Florida State at 4 and Washington at 5.”

While the committee does not share just how close 2 teams are in the rankings, the Huskies could be primed for a jump. UW takes on No. 11 Oregon State on Saturday, while FSU plays North Alabama, an FCS team with a 3-7 record on the season.

Both fanbases will be watching closely next Tuesday.