To the victor goes the right to roast you on Twitter.

After a 42-16 win over Oregon State on Saturday, Utah’s social media team had some fun at the expense of the Beavers. Corner Clark Phillips III picked off two different Oregon State quarterbacks and finished with three interceptions. RJ Hubert got in on the action to make it four team takeaways. So, Utah had a simple request: hand over the turnover chainsaw that has been a staple of the Oregon State sideline for a few seasons.

The timber industry is big for the Oregon economy, so the Beavers have been happy to lean into the chainsaw as its turnover prop of choice for several years now.

But it hasn’t gotten much work of late. And things have really flipped over the last two weeks. Oregon State was plus-five in the turnover department over the first three weeks of the season. It had three giveaways in Week 1 against Boise State, but also forced five turnovers in the game. Over the next two weeks, it protected the football while taking it away three more times.

Since conference play has begun, though, Oregon State has been dreadful. Eight giveaways. No takeaways. All eight have been interceptions — four against USC last week, four against Utah on Saturday.

Unsurprisingly, the Beavers have lost both games.

Meanwhile, Utah has produced a takeaway in every game so far this season, with multiple in each of the last four. The Utes are now plus-eight in the turnover department on the year.