Utah added some serious playmakers to the offense by way of the 2023 recruiting class.

The crop of newcomers at wideout includes freshman Mikey Williams, Indiana transfer Emery Simmons, and Florida State transfer Mycah Pittman. Early on in fall camp, quarterback Cameron Rising has liked what he’s seen from his new targets.

“They’re looking great right now,” Rising said Wednesday when he met with reporters. “Mikey Matthews has been doing his thing. Mycah Pittman is looking good. (Devaughn) Vele is still Vele. The whole room’s been doing very well. Just have to keep it rolling.”

The 6-foot Pittman and 6-foot-1 Simmons are both veterans with Power Five experience. Pittman was at Oregon for three seasons before a year in Tallahassee. Simmons was at North Carolina for three years before spending a season with the Hoosiers. Both are looking to provide a boost to the Utah passing attack.

“For Mycah, his choice routes and catching the ball underneath (are) world-class,” Rising said. “I think he’s one of the better (receivers) in the nation. When he gets the ball, he kind of turns into a running back. Emery is kind of a jack of all trades. He can run over the top, do everything and get open on his routes. Excited to have both of them.”

Vele is excited about them, too.

“They’re really big competitors. They’re always asking questions in the meeting rooms,” the fifth-year junior said. “Today, Mycah had a heck of a day. Emery’s coming along too understanding the playbook. Because we have a pro-style offense, they’re not used to the audibles and checks and all that we have. But they’re asking a lot of questions, they’re asking the right questions, and I think they’re going in the right direction.”

Head coach Kyle Whittingham touched on the duo on Monday as well, saying both have come out of the gates well.

On Pittman, Whittingham said, “He has a good skill set, soft hands when catching punts, and excellent hands out of the slot on offense.”

Rising said he spent his offseason working on ball accuracy and tweaking his throwing motion to get more velocity on his throws. With such a punishing run game, the ceiling is going to be high for the Utah pass game. Perhaps it’s time to buy some stock in Pittman.