According to ESPN’s Pete Thamel, Utah defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley had his annual salary upped to $1.4 million earlier this spring, making him one of the highest-paid assistants in the Pac-12. His three-year deal also reportedly includes buyout clauses that would make it costly to part ways with the defensive coordinator.

Utah upped Scalley’s salary back on March 1, according to a contract obtained by ESPN. The raise comes two years after Scalley was suspended by the university and had his salary cut to $525,000 after he admitted using a racial slur in a text message he sent to a recruit in 2013.

Scalley was later reinstated following a review, and his salary was elevated back to a reported $1.1 million last year. His deal is part of a rolling three-year contract that refreshes every Feb. 1 to keep the contract length at three years, according to The Salt Lake Tribune, which also reported on Scalley’s raise on Friday.

From Thamel’s reporting:

The new contract does not give Scalley the coach-in-waiting title he once held but does include new contractual clauses that would cost Utah $4.2 million to part ways with the defensive coordinator if another head coach replaces 19-year veteran Kyle Whittingham and then chooses not to retain Scalley.

The potential buyout in that scenario does not include an offset clause, which would reduce the amount the school owes, if Scalley is terminated without cause and subsequently finds another job. If he is fired without cause while Whittingham is still the head coach, Scalley would be owed 75% of his remaining salary and that amount would be subject to offset and mitigation.

Scalley is in his seventh season as the program’s defensive coordinator. In a statement to ESPN, Utah athletic director Mark Harlan said he has “tremendous support” within the football program and beyond.

The 13th-ranked Utes are off to a 2-1 start this season. They play Arizona State on Saturday.