Zachariah Branch heard from Odell Beckham Jr. after his breakout performance in USC’s season-opening victory over San Jose State.

The wideout a generation of wideouts grew up idolizing hit up Branch’s phone following a two-touchdown performance that lit the college football world up a bit.

“I look up to Odell Beckham. He actually reached out to me,” Branch said this week. “That was actually pretty cool for me. I was like, mind blown about that one.”

Branch closed out his first college game with four catches for 58 yards and a touchdown, one rushing attempt for 12 yards, three punt returns for 66 yards, and one kick return for 96 yards and a touchdown. It was a total of 232 all-purpose yards for the freshman receiver.

The Trojans said throughout the offseason they were expecting to have the former 5-star involved despite a loaded receiver room. It was clear right away why.

Branch became the first USC player to score a touchdown as a receiver and a return man in the same game since Adoree Jackson in 2016.

“(Beckham) just said just keep it up, keep going,” Branch said. “It’s crazy he actually responded because I had DM’d him before — like, a couple months ago, way before. I was like, I don’t think he’s going to respond. But it was actually pretty cool for him to show that love.”

USC takes the field again on Saturday, hosting Nevada at 3:30 p.m. PT. Branch will look to keep it going and stay in the moment.

“I just try to treat every day the same,” he said. “I don’t look at myself as, just because I’m making plays, I’m superior over somebody. I always bring myself back to earth after every play, after every game.”