The No. 55 USC jersey isn’t for everyone.

It is certainly not for Eli Manning.

The former Super Bowl-winning quarterback met up with USC legend Willie McGinest to talk about the history of Club 55 and unsuccessfully try to run through some defensive drills. “Do I remind you of any other 55s?” Manning asked. “Maybe some 55-year-olds,” McGinest responded.

The snippets come from episode three of Omaha Productions’ Eli’s Places on ESPN+, highlighting some of the greatest numbers in college football history.

The No. 55 jersey at USC holds a special place in college football lore.

Legendary linebacker Junior Seau made it iconic in the late 1980s. Seau was a unanimous first-team All-American and Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year in 1989. He handed it off to McGinest, who was a three-time all-conference selection at USC, a top-five pick in the NFL Draft, and a three-time Super Bowl champion as a pro.

Chris Claiborne and Keith Rivers are other USC legends to don the number. Lamar Dawson in 2015 was the last Trojan to wear it.