Clay Helton saw his Southern Cal career end 2 games into the 2021 season, his 8th season at the helm of the Trojans.

On Tuesday, the Trojans revealed details about Helton’s separation payments through new federal tax records, and the documents describe Helton’s exit as a “resignation of his position,” according to multiple reports, including from Ryan Kartje of the Los Angeles Times.

USC paid the former football coach a total of just over $905,000 in separation payments in the 2021 calendar year. A new document shows that in 2021, Helton received a series of monthly payments totaling $565,186 and one lump-sum payment of $340,926. Altogether, Helton was credited with just under $4.7 million in total compensation for 2021 calendar year.

Helton was 46-24 with the Trojans, including a Rose Bowl victory after the 2016 season and a Pac-12 title in 2017.

Helton, who was offensive coordinator and later named interim coach to replace Steve Sarkisian during the 2015 season, initially brought stability to a program experienced several years of turmoil.

With Sam Darnold at quarterback, the Trojans enjoyed success, but Helton was on the hot seat for some 3+ seasons, and his tenure ended after a blowout loss at home to Stanford on Sept. 11.