The CFP selection committee opted to keep two-loss LSU ahead of one-loss USC in the latest College Football Playoff rankings. And that caused a bit of an uproar on social media.

Last week’s CFP ranking had the Tigers and Trojans ordered the same way — and with Tennessee losing this past weekend, the No. 5 spot was up for grabs — but after a 48-45 road win over UCLA helped USC jump LSU in the AP Top 25, there were more than a few questioning whether the CFP committee would follow suit.

After all, USC faced a ranked Power Five team on the road while LSU played UAB at home.

CFP committee chair Boo Corrigan said during an appearance on ESPN after the rankings reveal that LSU’s body of work to this point is more impressive to the committee than USC’s.

“That was the dominant conversation for the last couple of days,” Corrigan said when asked about the LSU-USC ordering. “There’s reasons for USC to be at (No.) 5, there’s reasons for LSU to be at (No.) 5. As we looked at it, the wins over Alabama and Mississippi carried the day more so than the wins over UCLA and Oregon State. The good win they had on Saturday was 48-45. I think some of the members of the committee, as we looked at it, wanted to see a little bit more from their defense. (That) as well as the strength of schedule for LSU really drove the day.”

Social media disagreed. Here’s some of the reaction: