Reggie Bush is expected to file a defamation lawsuit against the NCAA on Wednesday, according to a report.

ESPN’s Kyle Bonagura was first to share that news on Tuesday evening. Bush and his attorney will hold a press conference at 11 am. PT on Wednesday, per the report.

The lawsuit stems from claims the NCAA made about Bush in 2021. Specifically, the NCAA’s statement said Bush was part of a “pay-for-play” arrangement while at USC.

Here’s a statement from Bush’s representation, McCathern law firm, via ESPN:

“The lawsuit is based on the NCAA maliciously attacking his character through a completely false and highly offensive statement that was widely reported in the media and substantially and irreparably damaged his reputation.”

“The NCAA’s statement is completely false and highly offensive. The NCAA knew Mr. Bush was never even accused of, involved in, much less sanctioned for any ‘pay-for-play arrangement,’ which never occurred.”

The NCAA’s comments about Bush were in response to “an inquiry” regarding the reinstatement of his records and his Heisman Trophy. The inquiry was made following significant changes to Name, Image and Likeness legislation in 2021.

The NCAA swiftly denied the inquiry and released this statement:

“Although college athletes can now receive benefits from their names, images and likenesses through activities like endorsements and appearances, NCAA rules still do not permit pay-for-play type arrangements. The NCAA infractions process exists to promote fairness in college sports. The rules that govern fair play are voted on, agreed to and expected to be upheld by all NCAA member schools.”

Bush won the 2005 Heisman Trophy, but it was forfeited in 2010 following an investigation into benefits received by Bush and his family.