Paul Finebaum wasn’t afraid to step on anyone’s toes when asked about USC’s loss to Utah.

Utah has the formula for beating USC apparently. Saturday was the fourth straight win for Kyle Whittingham over the Trojans and a third straight win vs. Lincoln Riley. The Utes used a late field goal to secure the 34-32 win.

Finebaum stated that Riley’s credibility “has been shot” after losing to Utah. He also compared the Trojans to how ESPN treated Lebron James with all the hype they received this offseason.

“They got the ESPN Lebron James treatment this offseason. All I heard in August was Caleb Williams, Matt. I know you did because you’re on Sportscenter every day. I was concerned maybe about four weeks ago I said on here, ‘They look like a fraud.’ What we’ve seen the last couple of weeks has been building. Looking at Lincoln Riley after the game with that frat boy smirk. Your credibility has been shot. You’ve got a good program, good coach, you’re going to the Big Ten, and your problems remain the same.”

With the Pac-12 title and College Football Playoff slowly fading into the distance, USC must now focus on beating Cal.

Kickoff will be at 1 p.m. PT on the Pac 12 Network. Do you agree with Finebaum’s assessment of Riley?