Pac-12 refs are at it again.

The last time USC was on the field, there was controversy surrounding the officiating. Utah was the beneficiary of multiple questionable roughing the passer calls that extended scoring drives in what became a one-point USC loss.

This week, USC was trying to score points before the end of the first half and a 34-yard completion from Caleb Williams to wideout Brenden Rice put it in position to do so as the clock ticked under 10 seconds to play. With the ball at the Arizona 10-yard-line, USC appeared to have six seconds on the clock to try and spike the ball and set up another play.

Instead, the clock started running before the ball was set. An official stood over the ball, keeping USC from snapping it, and then moved the line of scrimmage back.

Williams, pleading with the officials over the running clock, got a snap as time expired. The offensive line and running back Travis Dye appeared to be confused about whether the play was live or not. Williams fired to a receiver downfield but the pass fell incomplete.

The officiating crew got together to discuss the situation as Arizona’s team ran off the field to head to the locker room. They ultimately decided the first half was over. No extra play. No clock adjustment. USC went into the break up 17-13.

USC coach Lincoln Riley was incensed.

He wasn’t alone. Even non-USC and non-Arizona fans were confused by what happened.