USC’s April 23 spring game is fast approaching.

For the Trojans, it’ll be the culmination of a session that included the first 15 practices under new coach Lincoln Riley and his staff. Riley wants to see the team close the right way.

“I think really just close strong,” Riley told reporters after the team’s 10th practice. “It’s been a really positive spring practice up to this point, but we can’t coast in. Losers coast in. Average programs coast in.

“We can’t control any of the 10 we’ve had up to this point. We’ve got five left, and we’ve got to make the very most of them. If we’re truly about what we say internally we’re about, then these next five will be our best practices of the spring.”

To this point in the spring, Riley seems to be pleased with the way his new team has attacked.

“I like most of it,” he said. “It’s a process. You’re building. … We think the ceiling of this team is getting higher and higher as we continue to add pieces. You feel like you’re building to something. We’re not near what we can be, but we are making a lot of progress. The guys have worked hard. The guys seem to really enjoy practice. The guys really seem to enjoy each other, so the camaraderie that’s building—along with, obviously, some of the play on the field—has been… There’s always a constant frustration when you’re coaching because you always want it to be better, you always see the potential maybe more than the guys do, but past that, the excitement of what we’re doing day in and day out has been extremely positive.”

The Trojans take the field in front of fans and an ESPN camera crew on April 23 for the team’s annual spring game. More info on that game can be found here. You can watch Riley’s entire availability below: