USC has made it through a week of practices in fall camp. A couple of guys are a little banged up—rush end Korey Foreman has missed time throughout the week and tight end Jude Wolfe was spotted on a scooter at practice on Friday, according to multiple reports. A few youngsters are shining after being limited during the spring. The pads have come on and head coach Lincoln Riley has liked the intensity.

Riley met with the media after practice to give an update on Foreman and Wolfe, talk a bit about freshmen Domani Jackson and CJ Williams, and address a defense that has taken it to the offense in recent days.

Check out the video below, with a full transcript under it.


On the creation of Student Body Right:

LR: “I think we’ve had a lot of signs internally that people want to support our program and are excited about what’s going on here, so I think that notion, we’re not surprised of. We very much believe in the BLVD concept, not only in what it can do for our student-athletes but also making sure we stay within the rules, and having people who have been in this business and are experts in this field is very, very important to us. Listen, this is new for all of us. It’s still evolving in places all over the country. I’m confident we’ll be able to bring everyone together and make sure it’s one united effort.”

On Domani Jackson:

LR: “He’s done a good job. He has. It’s good to have him back healthy. Disappointed he wasn’t able to do a lot this spring, but he had a really good summer, got his body in shape, and you really see some flashes. You see some of the physical traits he has, the speed, and he’s also very, very strong for a player at his position and at his age. I think each day there’s more and more plays where he’s able to turn it loose and use those physical abilities. Each day he’s thinking less, understanding it more. He’s been a good competitor. He certainly has a bright future.”

On any clarity at corner they’ve gained so far in fall camp:

LR: “Well, we’re a lot deeper there than we were in the spring. It’s a good battle. I mean, I think we have a number of guys there that are gonna play meaningful snaps for us. I would say Blackmon has certainly continued to impress, had a really strong start to camp. Domani is doing a nice job. Ceyair Wright’s really had a… been really impressed with Ceyair. It’s been good to get Josh (Jackson Jr.) back off of his injury and have him full-go. It’s a good group. They battle. I think we’ve got several that can play. And Jacobe Covington, certainly one I need to mention that’s had a good start to camp and you can see getting more comfortable by the day. Yeah, our numbers have been good, our depth’s been good, the competitive depth’s been good. I think we’ll have a number of contributors here and we’ll be looking at those guys in December or January and saying, ‘Wow, those guys helped this team.'”

On Ceyair Wright managing acting and playing football:

LR: “We’ve had guys that have had other interests or other things going on in their lives. Like, I’d compare it to having a guy play baseball and football like we did with Kyler (Murray) and some of the other guys (at Oklahoma). That, to me, is even more of a challenge. What (Wright)’s doing is not physically demanding so it’s finding the time on the schedule. And I would give the kid credit, he’s clearly done a good job because he’s a much better player right now than he was in the spring. He’s made some nice improvements throughout the summer. And I hear he’s a pretty good actor, too.”

On the defense after one week:

LR: “Defense has done a good job. No question. We had major, major depth issues there in the spring. That is a lot different right now. We brought in a lot of players and then we obviously had a lot of guys that weren’t practicing that are practicing now. The talent level is up, the understanding of it’s up. Defense has played very well in this camp. They, certainly over the last several days, have been the dominant group.”

On Wyoming transfer Solomon Byrd:

LR: “He’s a really good athlete. You can tell he’s played ball, he’s picked up our schemes very quickly. Guy can naturally rush the passer and he’s been able to move around and play some different positions for us as well. He did a good job getting his body into shape. I thought he came into summer a little bit out of shape and that’s really changed. You add in a pass-rusher, a guy that has experience at this level, he’s been a great team member up to this point, so (he’s) another one of the additions we couldn’t be happier with.”

On Korey Foreman’s absence from practice:

LR: “Recently he has (picked up an injury). Nothing too severe. We expect him back in the next couple of days.”

On if there’s concern missing practice time could impact his development:

LR: “Yeah, but that’s anybody out here. Whether a guy’s played 1,000 snaps or 15 snaps, you’ve got to keep getting better and you’ve got to keep improving. Is it a concern for Korey missing that? Sure. But I want to make a point it’s not because it’s Korey, it’s just because it’s a football player on the USC football team. We should be getting him back quickly. Look forward to it. He’s been developing and on a great track.”

On anything that has stood out from the first few days in full pads:

LR: “Physicality’s gone back and forth. I think we’re a pretty willing team. We’ve done a couple live periods. We’ll get a scrimmage here in the Coliseum here in a couple days. In terms of full pads and all that, that’ll be the most telling. I think it’s been a battle up front. We’re really excited to see our guys have to tackle, specifically in the open field. Obviously excited to see our ball-carriers in live situations. I think that’s the biggest thing we’re looking forward to in the next few days is how do we carry the ball and how do we tackle when we get in those live situations. Practices have been very physical.”

On freshman wideout CJ Williams repping with the first team to start Friday’s practice:

LR: “Kind of like Domani, he missed the spring, had a good summer, is a talented kid, he’s doing well. He’s in a good group right now with some of those older guys like Gary and Tahj and John Jackson, a few of those guys who have been around for a little while. He’s got some good leaders in that group. He’s a talented kid. I would say the majority of the time in this camp up to this point when his number’s been called, he’s been very reliable and made some big plays, too. He’s what we hoped and expected he would be.”

On if he can play this season:

LR: “He’s certainly got a shot. He does. He’s a talented kid. There are some other really good players in that group, but we’ll play many guys. Certainly, at this point I’m not ready to decide any rotations, but he’s certainly in the mix.”

On the status of tight end Jude Wolfe:

LR: “Jude has a foot injury. He’s going to miss the first part of the season. He’s going to have a procedure done here pretty quick. We’ll get it cleaned up and hopefully have him back for the second half of the season.”