Lincoln Riley released a statement on Saturday regarding the abrupt resignation of athletic director Mike Bohn.

Bohn hired Riley away from Oklahoma following the 2021 season. He spent 4 years at USC’s athletic director before stepping down.

In a lengthy statement, Riley acknowledged Bohn’s role in bring Riley to USC. He also expressed confidence in the future of USC’s athletic department. Here’s the statement in-full:

I will always be appreciative of Mike Bohn for his role in bringing us to USC & certainly wish both he and his family all the best.

With the current state of the programs in our Athletic Department, there is a really special opportunity ahead for all of us Trojans.

I have full confidence that our university leadership will continue to do everything possible to support us.

I truly believe that the best days of USC Athletics are right in front of us and I continue to be totally invested & excited to be a part of it.

Lets stick together and always Fight On

Bohn’s resignation was related to “internal criticism” over his leadership within the athletic department, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

USC is expected to launch a national search to find its next athletic director.