Caleb Williams let go of the ball at his own 21-yard-line. Brenden Rice caught the pass in stride at UCLA 28.

With the Bruin defensive back who was supposed to be covering him laying face down at the 31, Rice waltzed into the endzone for a massive touchdown. The connection went for 74 yards and a touchdown to cut UCLA’s lead in half. Williams threw it while he was climbing in the pocket.

Talk about a momentum play.

USC’s first four drives all ended in disaster.

The opening possession went 23 yards and then ended on downs. The second drive gained 5 yards and punted after three plays. USC fumbled the ball on its second play of the third drive. Williams was picked off on the second play of the fourth drive.

UCLA built up a 14-0 lead and was looking to extend that lead even further. The interception looked like it was going to be damaging, but the defense stiffened up and forced a three-and-out.

Williams set up shop at his 1 to begin the fifth drive. The scoring strike to Rice came on third-and-10.