Caleb Williams did not shut it down and quit on his teammates earlier this season when USC lost to Utah, contrary to what one prominent TV personality suggested.

He has endured two more losses since then. Both have knocked USC out of the Pac-12 championship picture, but Williams has no regrets.

“Just the nature of how I was raised, and then being around these guys all year round. I work out with them, we run, lift, we go out and have fun together, we enjoy each others’ presence, so it means the world to me to be able to end this season,” Williams said this week.

The USC quarterback is preparing for what could be his final game at the Coliseum. Williams can enter the 2024 NFL Draft, where he’s expected to be one of the first players taken. He could also opt to delay the NFL and return to USC next fall to chase a national championship.

He has not publicly revealed which direction he’s leaning.

Lincoln Riley said Thursday that he and Williams haven’t yet discussed the NFL. Both are focused on UCLA and a rivalry game to close out the regular season. Williams has kept his focus on his present rather than his future.

“Yeah, I have the opportunity to leave. Yeah, I have the opportunity to forego (games). But that was never really the thought process of leaving these guys behind and foregoing those last four games,” Williams said. “I was going to stick it out with these guys regardless of whatever decision I was going to make.”

USC faces UCLA at 12:30 p.m. PT on ABC this Saturday.