When they announced the move weeks ago, USC and UCLA both included notes in their releases that they would enter the Big Ten in 2024 as fully-vested members.

That was confirmed by Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren on Tuesday during his opening press conference at the league’s annual media day in Indianapolis, Indiana. When the two Los Angeles schools join the league, they’ll receive full shares of the league’s media rights revenue immediately.

“Yes USC and UCLA will come in as full members,” he said. “We think that’s important for various reasons. They bring a lot of value to our relationship. They bring a lot of panache to our relationship. And we look forward to welcoming them into the Big Ten family here in 2024. There’s a lot of work to be done between now and then.”

Warren said the league’s next media rights deal with FOX isn’t yet finalized, but he expects that to happen “sooner than later.” Asked what the expected total value of that deal will be, Warren said he didn’t want to get into specifics.

The industry expectation is that FOX and the Big Ten will agree to a deal that brings in $1 billion in revenue annually. With USC and UCLA joining the fold, The Mercury News’ Jon Wilner has reported the individual payouts to the 16 member institutions would top $100 million.

That money will go a long way for the two LA institutions, specifically UCLA, which is operating in a three-year deficit.

One piece of the move that will be particularly costly is the travel component. For a school like Nebraska, traveling to California won’t seem much different from traveling to Maryland. But for the Bruins and Trojans athletes who will soon have to cross upwards of four time zones, increased funding for travel budgets and state-of-the-art recovery treatment is going to be crucial. The Big Ten can help there with its scheduling, something Warren said they’re going to focus heavily on over the next two years.