Caleb Williams is making the most of his partnership with Beats by Dre.

The star USC quarterback has gifted Beats headphones to both the Trojan men’s and women’s basketball teams, and now it looks like he has done the same for his new football teammates on the eve of the team’s spring game. Every member of USC’s team got a package from Williams that included two sets of headphones and a note from the man himself.


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Included with each suped-up gift bag was a note from Williams that read “Great first spring ball with y’all. Now let’s finish strong with an even better spring game. Let’s keep working. Fight on! ✌️”

Retail price on those Beats Studio Buds will run you a cool $150 and change. Over-the-ear Studio Beats retail at just under $350. Of course, Williams’ deal with Beats by Dre means he likely didn’t come out of pocket for anything, but as a former college student myself I can guarantee I didn’t have half a stack to drop on headphones because I felt like it. Williams’ teammates won’t care how he made it happen, only that he made it happen.

It’s the thought that counts and Williams has been spreading the love to his teammates—all of his USC teammates—ever since arriving in LA.

The gifts also extended past just the locker room and at least into the creative department as well. USC’s Director of Content, Robert Washington, shared on his Instagram that he also got a gift from Williams.

Beats By Dre was Williams’ first announced partnership after enrolling at USC. The brand announced the pairing on Feb. 4. Since transferring from Oklahoma to Southern Cal, Williams has inked NIL deals with partners like Fanatics, a grooming brand called Faculty, and a Beverly Hills-based real estate private equity fund, among others.