USC is 3-0 on the year and, with 56 points against Stanford, has matched the 2005 Trojan team for points scored through the opening three games of a season.

That team was special. This Trojan team hopes to be the same.

So far, it’s hard to argue with the results. The sixth-ranked Trojans jumped all over Stanford (1-1) and never looked back, cruising to a 56-10 victory.

Here are three takeaways from the game.

USC’s quarterback is an alien

Is it OK to write about Caleb Williams at this point? Is anyone really surprised when he lets a 65-yard laser beam off the rail for a touchdown?

The things that he does on a football field are just absurd. Week in and week out. He’s absurd. He’s the best player in college football. And when he joins the NFL — there was some interesting commentary on that front this week, wasn’t there? — he’ll instantly be one of the best players in the professional ranks.

USC had seven first-half possessions against Stanford.

It scored touchdowns on six of them. Williams had touchdown throws of 19 and 75 yards. He had completions of 28 and 22.

The highlights are just comical at this point. Once a week, he evades would-be tacklers, drifts toward a sideline, and then casually snipes a receiver in the back of the endzone for a touchdown.

But he can also run like this when he chooses to.

But he can also drop back in a pocket and do this??

That’s 60-plus yards and he’s leading the receiver.

The arm talent is unreal.

Williams finished his day 19-for-22 passing for 281 yards and three touchdowns. He also had the 21-yard rushing touchdown. He has yet to play a full game so far this season. Coach Lincoln Riley has gone to the backup in the third quarter each of the last two games, and he gave Williams the curtain call early in the fourth quarter in the opener.

He has been at the controls for 24 possessions so far this season. USC has scored touchdowns on 18 of those possessions. Five punts. One turnover.

Remember Steph Curry in the 2015-16 NBA season? When he became the NBA’s first unanimous MVP after missing a ton of fourth quarters because his team was obliterating opponents? That’s what this feels early.

Unfortunate start for Stanford

In its first year under Troy Taylor, it’s certainly no surprise that Stanford is a ways away from contending with a team like USC. The opener against Hawaii offered optimism for Year 1 under Taylor and Saturday night’s drubbing will dull that optimism a bit.

But the Cardinal also lost their starting quarterback early. Ashton Daniels, promising a week ago, completed only two of his seven passes for 19 yards and an interception before leaving with an injury. An early second-quarter sack led to a fumble for Daniels and he never returned.

Syracuse transfer Justin Lamson came in to replace him. Lamson finished 8-for-18 for 121 yards.

Tailbacks looked good. Stanford got EJ Smith going after a quiet Week 1 (50 yards on five carries) and Casey Filkins had 63 on five carries. The Cardinal just didn’t have the horses to keep up with USC, and it was never going to be able to overcome a poor start.

The Trojans outgained Stanford 204-36 in the first quarter. With a quarterback change from then on, Stanford was doomed to just try and keep things from getting to Oregon-Portland State territory.

Miller Moss is getting his work

Lincoln Riley could go to the 5-star freshman with the game in hand. Instead, Riley has given mop-up duty to Miller Moss and Miller Moss only. Malachi Nelson hasn’t thrown a pass since the opener.

Fans will probably want to see Nelson, a player many view as the future face of the Trojans. Early developmental snaps would certainly help him progress.

But Riley has a level of respect for the work Moss has put in since he took over the Trojan program. He could have played Nelson in the fourth quarter against Nevada. He could have played Nelson in the fourth quarter Saturday night against Stanford.

Instead, it has been Moss who has exclusively handled the late-game, garbage-time possessions. Against Stanford, Moss completed 11 of his 15 throws for 112 yards. He also ran for a 15-yard touchdown.