Jaime Jaquez Jr., welcome to the NBA!

The first game of the NBA Summer League tipped off Monday evening between the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers. Jaquez, Miami’s 18th overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, didn’t take long to announce his arrival into the NBA.

No, it actually took about a quarter and a half.

By halftime, Jaquez was up to 14 points on 55% shooting. It’s not NBA starter talent quite yet, but what an introduction!

Jaquez was almost born to play for the Miami Heat, a team with a famously scrappy personality under head coach Erik Spoelstra. He’s not the flashiest player in UCLA history, but his ability to score and defend was never in doubt in college. And he’s already shown off his freak athleticism in the Summer League.

It’s not like he’s only a capable scorer, though. He’s also an incredible shot maker and puts his team in good positions. Check out this ball movement that leads to an easy slam:

Jaquez has a long way to go in ascending the Heat hierarchy to a true role in the NBA, but don’t expect him to ride the bench all season in South Beach.